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Women/x that are ready to reconnect and reclaim personal joy and purpose, but don't know where to start.

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I teach women/x how to get out of their head, to lead with more intuition and purpose.

Hi! I’m Desiree!I’m a Holistic Life Coach for parents and entrepreneurs. My titles include (but are not limited to): Certified Spiritual Life and Purpose Coach, Human Design Teacher, Decolonizing Mama, Community Organizer, … and Forever Learner.

My passion (and gift) that I am most grateful for is my ability to help people connect to others, and most importantly, themselves in more meaningful ways.

2 ways to work with me

I offer personalized Coaching designed to help you reclaim your POWER, JOY and FREEDOM.

human design reading

For individuals, families, couples and teams that want to understand themselves and their relationships better.

find your purpose

A 4 month customized coaching program designed to help you unlock your POWER, PURPOSE and deeper WHY.

community events + workshops

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more about me

Born and based in Tiohtià:ke, colonially known as Montreal, with roots in Cebu Philippines, I combine all my different areas of experience and knowledge to create and develop communities where people (especially BIPOC women/x) can remember and reclaim who they are, discover and embody their Dharma, and feel safe and supported to find and take their place in the world.I would love to support you on your path to reclaiming your personal joy and power and creating more meaningful human connections.My personal journey began young. As the daughter of immigrant parents, I was expected to work hard, keep my head down, and be a good Catholic girl. I learned quickly how to people-please, and I moved through my 20s checking off the boxes: University degree, marriage, successful business, have a family. I had all the fixings of a shiny, perfect, aspirational life, but I struggled deeply with low self-worth, insecurity, and self-doubt.

Ultimately, my background and experience working in marketing helped me reach and connect with the right people when I co-founded Les Lilas Society and Centre Kapwa . I have now spent the last 6 years holding space for thousands of women/x, helping them feel seen, heard, and more connected to their loved ones and themselves.

These days, you can find me attending soulful retreats, workshops, and classes to deepen my own practice and stay inspired to keep creating compassionate communities that can help people reclaim and remember who they are. In my spare time, you’ll find me talking to trees with my daughter at the park.

Ultimately, the passion (and gift) that I am most grateful for is my ability to help people connect to others, and most importantly, themselves in more meaningful ways. My own need for authentic, sometimes messy, but always profound human connection has led me to this moment. And if you stumbled upon this page, chances are that’s exactly what you’re searching for too.Don't be shy to reach out when you feel ready to start your journey towards self-reclamation. Whatever your reasons for being here, I’m so happy you found me, and I am so excited to discover your unique talents, abilities, and gifts.


"When we heal ourselves, we also heal our ancestors, our grandmothers, our grandfathers, and our children."

~ Grandmother Rita Blumenstein

You deserve to be happy too

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