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Parents and Entrepreneurs that are ready to reconnect and reclaim their power and personal joy, but don't know where to start.

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I offer personalized programs and offerings designed to help you reclaim your POWER, JOY and FREEDOM.

life after divorce mentorship

For moms ready to turn their pain into power, and build the
life they desire.

conscious parenting program

Helping parents understand and manage the energy in their household, so everyone can thrive.

business mentorship

Learn how to grow, market and run your business based on
your unique gifts and energy.

human design reading + mentorship

(For individuals, families, business)

human design workshops

(For teams, friends, families)

*There's no obligation to work with me if you book a Q&A call. If I can't support you, I might know someone that can.

about me

My name is Desiree! I'm a Holistic and Spiritual Mentor for parents and entrepreneurs.I am also an active Community Organizer, and the Co-Founder of Les Lilas Society and Centre Kapwa.

I have spent the last 6 years holding space for thousands of women/x helping them feel seen, heard and more connected to their loved ones but most importantly to themselves.It took my painful divorce, at 35, to realize that I had no idea who I was and how to put myself first.And I've spent years investing in my growth, decolonizing my mind, being vulnerable and making myself seen, and have since rebuilt a life filled with so much abundance, forgiveness, love and freedom.And my mission is to help other women/x feel the same freedom!

This is my story

Growing up I was expected to work hard, keep my head down and be a good catholic girl. I didn’t feel comfortable asking for anything growing up so I got really good at repressing my feelings to make other people happy and followed the yellow brick road of expectations in hopes of being seen and loved.I spent my 20s checking off the boxes: university degree, marriage, successful businesses and family. Life looked great on the outside but internally I struggled with low self-worth, insecurity and doubted myself all the time. I became the ultimate people pleaser, helper and doer and needed so much validation from my relationships.

In 2015 I found out that my husband of 13 years cheated on me and it was a brutal wake up call that something had to change in my life. But MY AHA moment was a conversation I had with my best friend after finding out. She looked me straight in the eye and asked “How are you? How do you feel?”. So many words came out of my mouth but none of them answered her questions. She kept asking me “but how do you feel?” and I paused and said “I don’t know”. It was in that moment when I realized I had no idea how to express my feelings, and no idea what I needed to make ME happy.

In that moment, I made a conscious decision to choose me and spent years investing in my growth, decolonizating my mind, being vulnerable and making myself seen, and have since rebuilt a life filled with so much abundance, forgiveness, love and freedom.My soul feels lighter now and I have clarity on who I am, and I have the confidence to set healthy boundaries and ask for what I need.And my mission is to help other women/x feel the same freedom!

"When we heal ourselves, we also heal our ancestors, our grandmothers, our grandfathers, and our children."

~ Grandmother Rita Blumenstein


“The different things that Desiree has introduced me to has allowed me to be more intentional, mindful and more importantly...not guilty! It’s not the 90min calls or the encouraging texts, it’s the combination of all the things she has done to become who she is, her energy and her message that all contributes and makes a difference in my life.”

Entrepreneur, wife and mom of 4

"Desiree is the person that gave me the support I needed to break free from my negative thoughts and helped me get to my next step ."

Oriana, Canada

“Desiree is amazing. She’s easy to talk to and the conversation flows smoothly. She has great advice and really listens. She is open minded (which I love) and insightful. She’s a fellow Empath, which makes the conversation that much easier, as, for me, it meant that she could see my vision and properly guide me in the direction I should go. She gave me ideas without being pushy and she made me feel heard and understood. I 1000% recommend her for coaching sessions and as a wonderful and attentive sounding board. She’s an attentive listener to boot. THAT’S hard to find. Thank you Desiree for helping me, I can’t say enough about you.”

Sarah Chickee

Sarah Chickee
Founder of Le Club Mom Boss

"My Human Design reading with Desiree was a massive permission slip to be more discerning of my energy. I learnt tips on how to come back to myself and use my energy wisely. Also learning how I generate my own energy, and what lights me up and brings me forward, was phenomenal!! I can't wait to implement that in my life so I can really live BIG!"

Sarah Chickee

Rachelle Luv Raku, Australia
Spirituality Coach

"Desiree pushes you outside of your comfort zone in a challenging yet loving way, and leaves you with tools, resources, ideas and connections that will help you and your projects thrive. "

Maki, Canada

I had a beautiful Human Design session with Desiree. She opened my thoughts to things I didn't think were possible to heal. I was looking for ways, tools and resources to improve challenging areas of my life. Of course, she went beyond my expectations and offered so much clarity on myself and on motherhood. I'm so appreciative and grateful for this session with Desiree.

Sarah Chickee

Géraldine Jippé
Business Coach, Digital Expert and Mom

“Desiree has the gift of creating conversations that I personally feel bring out the best in me and help me see things in a different light.”

Sarah Chickee

Julie Doan
Pharmacist and Health/Life Coach

"Some people have a knack for human connection and are the "connectors" in their respective circles and beyond. Desiree is one of those people. I met Desiree during an event organized by Les Lilas and her warm and bubbly personality instantaneously won me over! I knew I wanted to stay in touch with her but little did I know how instrumental she would be for my current business. After reconnecting to catch up, I casually spoke to her about my new boutique consulting firm I started, and she naturally started brainstorming ideas with me as to where I could take my business, how to take advantage of my life as a mom with 2 young children, etc... From this casual conversation came an idea that will definitely be a success. I cannot thank her enough for her instinct, her flair and her generosity. Thank you Desiree!"

Sarah Chickee

Julie Savaria
Founder of JEDI Kids | Equity Facilitator & Consultant

My human design reading with Desiree was super enlightening. She explained everything in a calm & easy to digest way. Listening and learning about our inner workings can be daunting at times, but Desiree truly created a safe space that I felt super comfortable in! Her reading encouraged me to experiment with my creativity & become more aware of what is energizing me vs draining me. Highly recommend!

Sarah Chickee

Skye Marok
Cosmic Vocational Coach

Doing a Human Design reading with Desiree was such a delightful experience and gift to myself. Her devoted, loving and gentle approach allowed me to reconnect with the true color of my energy. It also brought me on the path to cherish the energy that I bring in the world, but choosing as well one that I welcome in my life.

Sarah Chickee

Janie Légaré

You deserve to be happy too

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